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Our designed waterring vacuum pumps are excellent to regulate liquid, water, gas and air moment applications in various industries. Other than liquid ring vacuum pumps, our products include, water separation systems/pumps for twin, Tri disc refiners, refiner plates/ Discs, Oil Seal High Vacuum Pumps, Twin Lobe Roots Blowers, which are very integral for factories that require a device or a machine to distill products, remediate lands or even to desalinate sea water. From small to large scale models, we are capable to meet customer needs based on our extensive experience and profound know how.

If you want to have these pumps customized for your company, then there are already manufacturers that are competent to make it with your plan without even compromising its suction power.

The versatility to use waterring vacuum pump as vacuum pump as well as gas compressor has gradually elevated the demand in the market to privilege the cost effectiveness. And as these Vacuum pumps and systems are one of the extensively used equipment in process plants that needs to lay down precise specifications. Here, Garuda is a leading name in the India and foreign countries as exemplary quality water ring vacuum pump (liquid ring vacuum pump) manufacturer that is solidly engineered, competitively prices and stringently checked in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 standards. The extensive experience in designing waterring vacuum pumps has enabled us to understand the fundamentals of vacuum as well as system and its integration, help devise highly engineered end products that are used nearly 75% of all industries in India and still continues to provide broad vacuum solutions to variegated industries span the globe.

Where this Water ring vacuum pump can be used?

Our waterring vacuum pumps are integral for variegated factories that require a device or a machine to remediate lands, desalinate sea water, vacuum filtration, extracting moisture, removal of water from the pulp during paper processing, mineral beneficiation, ash handling and even to distill products. In addition are used in power plants, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, health sectors and food manufacturing segments in process plants main stream condenser evacuation system, evaporative coolers, laboratory analysis, distillation columns, chemical reactors, etc.

How this water ring vacuum pump functions?

This Water Ring Vacuum Pump is easy to operate and works with a sealant required in its operation. As this vacuum pump uses water as a sealant, is called Water Ring Vacuum Pump.

When this vacuum pump is rotated this water forms air seal within the spaces between impeller vanes, thus forms compression chambers that trap the air penetrating into pump repeatedly through the inlet port. The entire process repeats and as a result helps in the creation of a vacuum.

What is the reason behind rigorous demand of this water ring vacuum pump?

Apart from waterring vacuum pumps, other pumps are featured for only vacuum creation, whereas water ring vacuum pumps are featured to function as gas compressor as well.

These water ring vacuum pumps compress gas with its impeller rotating mechanism and thus useful for miscellaneous applications.

In which industries this water ring vacuum pumps find application?

Paper Plant, Sugar Plant, Textile Industries, Oil Refineries, Mines Industries, Coal Preparation Plants, Chemicals Plants, Thermal & Hydro Power Plant, Pharmaceuticals, Refinery, Breweries and Distilleries, Shipping, Railways, Plastics, Rolling Mill, Metallurgy, Laboratories, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Foundry, Ceramic Industries, Dairy Products, Agriculture, Tyre Industries, Road Equipments and many more.

What are the important features of offered water ring vacuum pump?

  • Our offered water ring vacuum pump has the capability to pump out foam that is generated from cooling liquids, used when grinding parts and units.
  • Another exclusive feature of our offered water ring vacuum pump is it can be employed to clean filtration tanks too.
  • Configured to be environment friendly and eliminate pollution.
  • All the water ring vacuum pumps incorporate mechanical shaft seals as standard practice.
  • The offered water ring vacuum pump is available with either shell & tube or plate type heat exchanger for utmost heat transfer competence and minimum cooling water requirement.
  • The water ring vacuum pump has a balanced rotor running close clearance without any metallic contact with other parts.
  • No lubrication is required that means oil free air or gas regulation.
  • The offered water ring vacuum pump competent to regulate hot and saturated vapors effectively.
  • The cool seal water is used to condense vapors.
  • The compression of the air is attained by rotating ring radially.
  • The offered water ring vacuum pump capable to handle dust, fibers and foreign matter with seal water.
  • The employment of pressurized gland system ascertains leakages of atmospheric air into the pump.
  • Solid particles are eradicated through unloaded valves, thus augmenting life of the pump and minimizing overall maintenance.
  • Low water consumption & power consumption.
  • The outer matter penetrating into the pump is constantly removed while the pump is in working condition.
  • The pre compressed air resulted in a non pulsating vacuum.

What are the advantages of water ring vacuum pump?

  • Simple configuration therefore has simple operation and easy maintenance
  • The structure of the water ring vacuum pump is compact and can get large displacement, covers small occupation area also
  • The revolution of the vacuum pump is high, can generally be straight connection
  • The speed reducer is not required with this water ring vacuum pump
  • There is no metal friction in the pump’s hollow surface; therefore no lubrication is required as well as having very small wear and tear
  • The compressed gas temperature change is very small
  • The gas flows is moderate
  • This water ring vacuum pump is outstanding to handle condensable loads, slugs of liquid and contaminated loads
  • Produces a steady, non-pulsating gas flow when it is used as either a vacuum pump or compressor
  • Long life expectancy
  • Negligible vibration
  • Variable frequency drive regulation is achievable
  • Low operational cost as well as maintenance cost
  • Minimal voice production, thus no noise pollution